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Getting bleeped on NPR and other media buzz:


           Also featured in the book Hipster Business Models





Podcast appearances:


What Causes Stuttering with Nina G on StutterTalk


Sex will Cure Your Stuttering on BBC's Ouch


Criptiques Episode #4: Nina G


Stories from the Brainreels podcast: Nina G


Standing Up: Women Who Stutter-Our Stories


Nina G-Comedian and Disability Activist: Blog Talk

SpeakerMatch Radio Companion



Buy cool stuttering stuff:


"I stutter and you are just going to have to wait for all my brilliant ideas!"- Buttons, magnets, t-shirts and more!

Stutterer Interrupted T-Shirts!-by Ar-T's of Little Rock Arkansas:

Stuttering Unicorn T's

"I stutter! You are going to have to wait for my all my brilliant ideas!"



Free from Nina G: Guide for Disability Awareness on your College Campus



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