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Help for EAGs!

Employee Affinity Groups (EAGs) and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have made advances in their organizations.  These groups advocate across many different identities and interests as diversity and inclusion stand out as a necessary part in making the workplace better for everyone.  In recent years Disability/Ability groups have started to pop up in many corporate and collegial organizations.  The goal of these groups is often, but not limited, to:

  • Educate nondisabled employees about disability issues including etiquette and basic questions

  • Reflect the experiences of Disabled employees and family members of Disabled individuals

  • Introduce and facilitate Disability centered recruitment, mentoring and retainment of employees


Nina G has been working with corporations, K-12 schools and colleges to make their institutions more accessible and welcoming to people with disabilities since 2000.  Armed with a doctorate in psychology and 13 years as a professional comedian, she is able to blend these worlds making her message of inclusion for people with disabilities accessible to all audiences through humor, storytelling and vital information.  Nina has worked with Coca Cola, Oracle, Geico, PG&E and countless other colleges and organizations.  Nina is engaging both in person and online in her presentations. 


Nina also presents and collaborates with comedian and disability advocate, who has an apparent disability, Michael Beers. Hiring Nina and Michael can ensure your EAG/ERG the diversity of Disability experiences, including apparent and nonapparent, as well as a fun hour of learning!

To inquire about EAG/ERG presentation go to: Contact

What are people saying about Nina G?
7E1AEwXY (1).jpeg

“Nina brought life to the conversation through her witty banter, reframing ‘disability’, and opening up the floor for our audience to ask genuine questions. After Nina's presentation, I kept receiving outstanding reviews about how much they loved Nina, would love to see her again…”

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