Books for Everyone!

Books for Everyone!

Coming soon!  In 2022 Nina G will release her third book in collaboration with OJ Patterson on the history of stand up comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Stutterer Interrupted: The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen 

Stand-up comedian Nina G is challenging how people think of stuttering. Her comedy is funny, revealing, unapologetic, and always a window to her experience as a person with disabilities. In Stutterer Interrupted, Nina tells the story of her journey of how she became, at the time she started, America’s only female stuttering stand-up comedian.​

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People with Learning Disabilities are faced with many challenges throughout childhood and adulthood. One of the first places they experience difficulties is in school. School is not only an important time to learn academic skills, but also an important time for children with disabilities to learn about their strengths and how to advocate for their rights.


Research on successful adults with Learning Disabilities demonstrates that factors associated with these adults include self-awareness, being proactive, perseverance, goal setting, support systems, and emotional coping strategies ( Fostering these qualities in children can be just as important as fostering their academic growth. Once Upon An Accommodation addresses questions children and adults may have about Learning Disabilities, accommodations, and how to go about self-advocacy.


Once Upon an Accommodation: A Book About Learning Disabilities depicts the main character, Matt, getting accommodations through a 504 meeting/plan. Many children and adults receive accommodations under a 504 plan. Some children may also have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), but the IEP expires when they exit high school. A 504 plan with appropriate documentation can be extend into college. In that vein, college students recently diagnosed with a Learning Disability may also enjoy and benefit from the information in this book.


It is important for individuals with Learning Disabilities to take ownership of their challenges, strengths, and to advocate!


Some suggested possible uses for this book:

• Psychologists might recommend this book to children, adults, and families whom they diagnose with Learning Disabilities or see in therapy.


• Resource Rooms in Special Education Departments or schools specializing in Learning and Attentional Disabilities might carry copies of this book to help students understand and advocate for their particular learning needs.


• Mainstream schools might incorporate this book into their collections to help children with or without disabilities become more attuned to issues surrounding diversity and the Disabled community.


• Doctor’s offices, psychology/speech/learning clinics, and other practices might display this book in their waiting rooms.


• Parents might read this book with their children to better understand the child’s experience.


The workbook at the end of the story offers ways for children to express their own experiences with Learning Disabilities as well. The activities in “Once Upon a Workbook” are designed to foster dialogue and address feelings of isolation that people with disabilities sometimes experience.  


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