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Nina G has been featured in/on all kinds of media:

Nina G publishes on disability, comedy, stuttering and learning disabilities.   


The Bold Italic:

Why A Stuttering MVP Matters


I’m a Stand-Up Comic Who Stutters—and It Doesn’t Impede My Career at All

The Mighty:

Stuttering Your Way to a Successful Presentation

The Moment My Dad Taught Me Not to Be Ashamed of Disability


5 Tips for Interacting With People Who Stutter

 Post Blog:

Thanks for the stuttering Mel Tillis

On Stuttering And Disrupting The Interrupting

Almost 10 Things You Can Do For International Stuttering Awareness Day

Beyond IEPs: Learning Disabilities Go To College

Everything We Needed To Know About Stuttering In College Came From Mafia Movies

On Expanding The Stuttering Utopia: A Need For Social Change

Stuttering, Stand Up Comedy And Drive-Thru Windows

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